Thursday, May 8, 2008

Über die Letzte BAG Arbeiten

"truly it will not be long
before this body lies in the earth
bereft of consciousness
like a useless piece of wood
which is thrown away"

Über die Letzte BAG Arbeiten - 8. Mai 2008

Oudstrijdersstraat 35 - 10. april 2008

On 10 april 2008 DDV had four photos made.

Related to the Bastard Art Gruppe series they recreate four photos made by four members of the RAF; Ulrike Meinhof, Gudrun Ensslin, Andreas Baader and Jan-Carl Raspe.

The photo of Ulrike Meinhof as a journalist was taken in 1964, the other photos were made by the RAF members themselves while they were imprisoned.

All four RAF members committed suicide in Stuttgart-Stammheim. Meinhof on 8 may 1976, the three others on 18 october 1977. Selbstmord = Mord.

Having grown his hair long for about two years, DDV was able to recreate the looks of the four RAF-leaders with great precision. With the aid of a skilled hairdresser and a photographer the four transformations were realized in just four hours on the same day.

Alternatively four new personages were created;

Ulrike Meinfuchs, Gudrun Fuchslein, AndreVos Baader and Jan-Carl Voske.

The photos are part of an installation for the exhibition "Pop-Eye" in the old State Prison of Hasselt and documented in the "projects" section on the Bastard Art Gallery website.

Aktion von Jan-Carl Voske am 10. April 2008 im Reformuhka.

On the evening of 10 april 2008 DDV did a performance on the occasion of the launch of the second issue of A4 - a magazine-edition by Lode Geens - in the cafetaria of the M_hka.

In an appearance of Jan-Carl Voske, DDV made use of this Trojan Horse to do a performance right within the enemy camp.

The action started with spreading out a large white canvas on the floor in a corner of the room and throwing a number of printed reports (get pdf) towards the audience.

Then it continued with meticulously placing all objects and books mentioned in "Ausschnitten von Briefe Gudrun Fuchslein an ihre Schwester Nina" onto the canvas and the floor around it. The canvas was turned into a cell.

When all items were placed in and around the cell DDV took out several ingredients for cooking: butter, sugar, eggs, flour. Then he took one of his ALDI-bags used in the event "13 Galleries and only One DDV in town" and poured the earth from the Hole out.

Carefully measuring all the ingredients, including the earth, he mixed everything into dough and proceeded to bake two classic sand-cookies.

When the cookies were ready and cooled off, DDV proceeded to undress until his underwear in the middle of the canvas and lay down. Then he force-fed himself violently to eat the cookies with earth from his own Hole.

The performance is documented in the "events" section on the Bastard Art Gallery website.

B.A.G. - Kommando Ulrike Marie Meinhof
zum ihren 32. todestag 8. Mai 1976

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