Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bastard Brothers take the Streets

Bastard Art Gruppe

Street Art Project
for the "Coup de Ville"
Contemporary Art Exhibition

The Ministry of Information of the Bastard Art Gruppe, sets the example for action against the Art Situation in Belgium. Unlike corrupt art curators or art historians who pay Lip Service to correcting unjust situations, the Bastard Art Gruppe believes in an Artists’ Movement, putting power in the hands of the artists and taking it away from the elite rulers who Control our very own Lives. We believe in a Society based on Artists’ needs and wants rather than Private Profits and Capitalist Gains. There can be no just Art Society as long as some are Fantastically Rich and Famous while others suffer. Bastard Artists and other Oppressed Groups in Belgium find themselves becoming more and more victimised by Belgianism - Belgianism being the tradition of Art Slavery in this country; Belgianism being the Cultural War waged against the true New Media Artists; Belgianism being the exploitation of cheap oil-on-canvas paintings; and finally, Belgianism being such a racist social system that even millions of poor and unrecognised artists have lost in this dog-eat-dog game of Winner Takes it All.
Free Huey D. Foxton

The Street Art Project “Bastard Brothers take the Streets” is derived from a Five-Pointed-Star Polygon Line drawn on a Google Earth Pro Map of the city of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

The Five-Pointed Star (★) is a very common Ideogram used throughout the World. If drawn with lines of equal length and angles of 36° at each point, it is usually termed a “Golden Five-Pointed-Star”. This Golden Five-Pointed-Star has particularly strong associations with Military Power and War, it is a symbol of Socialism and Communism, and it is also used by Revolutionary Groups like the Brigate Rosse in Italy, the Rote Armee Fraktion in Germany, the Cellules Communistes Combattantes in Belgium and the Japanese Red Army.

On or about the actual locations of the Geographic Coordinates of each of the Inner and Outer points of this Google Earth Map drawn Five-Pointed-Star, a Piece of “Stencil Art” was sprayed in two colours; Lavender and Purple Red for the Outer Points; Lavender and Capri Blue for the Inner Points.

The Google Map with exact Geographic Coordinates, driving or walking directions, photos from the Stenciled Art Pieces and location surroundings, all indicated by miniature icons, is available here.

You can Muzzle a Revolutionary Artist
but you can’t Muzzle an Art Revolution

Just what are Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets? Is it something like the Bourgeois Art Press, to be Read Once and then discarded in the nearest Trash Can? - Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets are a Living Contemporary History of our Artists’ Struggle for Liberation and Acknowledgement at the Grass Roots level. It’s something to be Studied and Grasped, and Saved for future Generations to Read, Learn and Understand. - Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets tell the Story of our Artist’s Struggle in the streets. Its Story unfolds far from Perfumed Art Parlors of the Petty Bourgeoisie. They tell the True Story of what happens in the Concrete Jungles of ArtBabylon. - The Bastard Art Gruppe documents step by step the Actions taken and Programs instituted in its Unstoppable Drive to Serve the ArtPeople, and documents before the Whole Wide World the repression and Muzzling committed by Belgium’s Corrupt Capitalist ArtMonopoly. - The Bastard Art Gruppe sends out Printed Media, Email messages and Blog Posts. - Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets tell how Couragious Minister of Defense Huey D. Foxton, the Baddest Brother to ever step into Art History, got into the Bowels of Belgian Art Institutions with a Spade and Dug up Exploitation, Repression, Imprisonment and Misdemeanor. - The Bastard Art Gruppe teaches Artists the Strategic Means for Resisting the Capitalist Art Power Structures that are out to Exploit Artists. - Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets are a Living, Breathing History that continues each and every day. Each issue has its Message, its Lessons to be Learned, its Objective Truth. - Bastard Art Gruppe News Pamphlets are the Flesh and Blood, the Sweat and Tears of our Bastard Artists. Of Huey D. Foxton, of Ulrike Meinfuchs, of Gudrun Fuchslein, of AndreVos Baader and of Jan-Carl Voske.

A special Bastard Art Gruppe National Information Brochure N° 1 about this project was made for the “Coup de Ville” Contemporary Art exhibition in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This project was an unofficial contribution to this exhibition since the Bastard Art Gruppe was not invited to participate in spite of Lip Service by the Art Exploiting Brothers.

Curators of “Coup de Ville” were:
Black Brother Steldrige Von Cleaveringen and
KunstArbeitgeberPräsident Jan-Martin Hoetscher.

On saturday 9/11/2010, during the opening event of the “Coup de Ville” exhibition, 246 - one for each victim on the four Hijacked 9/11 Airplanes - numbered copies of this special Information Brochure were distributed for Free among the Audience. An additional 19 - one for each 9/11 Hijacker - numbered and signed copies are available in a Special Edition Multiple including two cut-out Stencils to make your very own Bastard Brothers Street Art.
Contact the Bastard Art Gruppe if you want to obtain any of these.

You can Kill our Bodies, but you can’t Kill our Art.
Our Art will Live Forever!

B.A.G. - Kommando John Howard Griffin
Zum 30. Todestag 9. September 1980