Friday, September 15, 2017

Rippin' for Gordon - #005 - Marshall Kilduff and Ron Javers Remember the Past to not Repeat it

Marshall Kilduff and Ron Javers
The Suicide Cult
The Inside Story of the Peoples Temple
Sect and the Massacre in Guyana

A Bantam Book / December 1978

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ISBN 0-553-12920-1

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10,8 x 17,7 cm, 210p, softcover

On 15 September 2017 I ripped the 210 pages from Marshall Kilduff and Ron Javers The Suicide Cult, tore them in half and threw them in the Hole I've been Diggin' for Gordon in a basement at an undisclosed location in Antwerpen since 20 February 2006.
The title refers to Gordon Matta-Clark whose last and major work ‘Office Baroque’ in Antwerpen I illegally visited at the start of my career as an artist. The performance/installation evolved into a ‘mash-up’ with ingredients from the works of various avantgarde artists from the 70’s. For instance a slant row of florescent lights inspired by Dan Flavin takes care of lightning and an endless ladder as imagined by Vito Acconci makes it possible to get in and out of the hole. The work was made visible through a number of side actions and performances where I used some of the dirt I had been digging up. Most of the dirt was used to fill up James Lee Byars' tomb.
As of 9 September 2017 the Hole will be filled with precious books from my private library.

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