Sunday, November 29, 2009

2030 War Zone Amsterdam

A collection of news clips found on various TV-channels during a workshopweek with artists from several countries from present, past or future war situations. Curator of the project was Brigitte van der Sande.

In order of appearance:
- Katja van Driel (German)
- David Burrows
- Hwayeon Nam
- Sawsan Bou Khaled
- Didem Özbek
- Nesrine Khodr
- Diego Rotman
- Miran Mohar
as the reporters,

- Danny Devos
- Sawsan Bou Khaled
as the kidnappers,

- Brigitte van der Sande
as herself.

This movie was presented at the Kick-off 2030 War Zone Amsterdam event at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, on 28 november 2009.
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